The cardiologist doubts Eriksen’s football career, and Dean himself is optimistic: ‘I’ll be back’ | EURO2020

UpdateDanish midfielder Christian Eriksen had no heart problems when he played for Tottenham Hotspur. The British cardiologist he was working with at the time said the annual exams at the Premier League club were “absolutely normal”. However, the doctor doubts whether Eriksen will be able to play football at the highest level again. But the Dane himself has already told his colleagues that he is doing well and that he hopes to be back soon.

The 29-year-old footballer collapsed in the 42nd minute of the match when he ran down the left side after a throw-in from Denmark. He was revived and taken to hospital. His condition is stable and he is said to be friendly.

Dr Sanjay Sharma from St George’s University of London said Eriksen has been there since 2013 Test results do not deviate has been set. Though skepticism briefly swirled when he saw the international playmaker’s pictures fall out. I thought, ‘Oh my God?’ Is there anything we haven’t seen? “But I checked all the test results and everything looked fine,” Sharma told the British news agency PA Media.

“From the day the club signed him, my job was to check and test him every year. His tests until 2019 were completely normal, with no apparent underlying heart defect. I can confirm that because I did the tests myself.”

good mark

According to Sharma, there can be multiple causes, such as high temperatures or a previously undetected condition. He described the fact that Eriksen regained consciousness in hospital as a “very good sign”. Despite the positive news, the cardiologist is pessimistic about the future of the Danish footballer.

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“They managed to get it back,” Sharma said. The question is what happened and why it happened. This man underwent physical examinations until 2019, so how do you explain this cardiac arrest? The fact that he is stable and awake makes the look very good. But I don’t know if he will play football again.”

Eriksen in 2019 at Tottenham Hotspur. © Environmental Protection Agency

Eriksen’s incident is reminiscent of Ajax footballer Abdelhak Nouri, who suddenly collapsed during a training match in Austria in the summer of 2017 after a cardiac arrest. The talented young player was on the field for minutes and was revived too late. As a result, he sustained permanent brain damage and could no longer play football again.

Sharma has also chaired a group of cardiac experts within the English Football Association. In the UK, the rules are strict in this type of situation. It may sound blunt: but Eriksen died for a few minutes. Would medical professionals risk letting him die again? “The answer is no,” Sharma says firmly.

career end

He wonders if Eriksen should take a risk. The good news is that he will live. The bad news is that he may have reached the end of his career. He is no longer allowed to play in the UK. We are very strict about that.”

Eriksen himself has reported optimistically once again in the collective application of his current club, Italian national champion Internazionale. “He is doing better,” said club coach Giuseppe Marotta. Sky Sports. “He reassured the team and said he will be back soon,” he added.

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The DBU also tweeted this morning the positive news that he was friendly and that he was very welcoming to his teammates. His condition is stable and he is still in hospital for further examination.”

After the drama, fans chanted for Eriksen.

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