The case of the fired Florida Govt data scientist calls his home search a ‘retaliation’

Rebecca Jones alleges that Florida law enforcement (FDLE) officials violated her First Amendment rights, lost due process and illegally confiscated her computers, cellphone and storage media during a December 7 search of her home. Sunday.

The lawsuit alleges that unnamed FDLE agents seized Jones’ midfield during the search “without approval, authorization or formal basis.”

FDLE claims it Investigation Whether Jones approached a state news organization without authorization to call state officials to “talk” about corona virus deaths. According to the search-warrant affidavit, officers found the message at the IP address attached to Jones’ home.

Jones, who was fired from the Florida Department of Health in May, has repeatedly criticized the government’s handling of the corona virus crisis by Ron Desantis, but has refused to send any such message.

Jones’ lawsuit alleges that the basis of the search warrant was a fraud to punish her for “protected speech”.

The lawsuit alleges that IP addresses were generally “fraudulent” and referred to news articles that found that the username and password for the news organization that triggered the investigation were publicly available on the Department of Health’s website.

Under Florida law, the lawsuit alleges that “no reasonable authority considers access to the site a crime.”

“The FDL tried to engage itself with Desantis, trying to silence the plaintiff by confiscating his online text on his computer and seizing his cell phone,” the lawsuit said.

Jones asked the court to return his belongings and pay damages.

FDLE Commissioner Rick Swarongan, who was named as the defendant in the case, said FDLE agents acted properly when executing the search warrant.

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“I am proud of the professionalism they have shown as our FDLE agents worked on a legal search warrant at Rebecca Jones’ home. Our criminal investigation continues and although I have not seen this case, I hope the facts will come out in court,” Swarong said in a statement Monday.

FDLE released the body camera Videos About 23 minutes had elapsed between the time officers first crashed into Jones’ door and the time Jones opened the door to his Tallahassee home to execute the search warrant.

Jones was suspended in May because he “repeatedly showed disobedience” and modified a state data portal without input or approval from epidemiologists or his supervisors. Jones argued that he was fired for refusing to falsify state corona virus data.

Jones filed a whistleblower Complaint With the Florida Human Relations Commission in July. The complaint is pending.

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