The Catharijneconvent Museum is looking for an architect to carry out major renovations

The Catharijneconvent Museum is preparing for the largest project in its history: a renovation that will increase annual visitor capacity from 100,000 to 160,000 people. The museum is still looking for an architect.

Interest in religion is growing, also in the legacy of Christianity, notes the Catharijneconvent Museum. More people come to attend fairs, school children’s attendance increases with their classes, and family fairs are becoming more and more popular.

The museum says it can’t handle the flow. The late medieval monastery complex lacks space. Marieke van Schijndel, General Director of the Catharijneconvent Museum: “The abbey building is our largest element in the collection. It is not without reason that the museum bears the same name as a late medieval monastery. Making the necessary additional space, focusing on the monastery building and ensuring a great visitor experience, offers us hard mission “.

Huge value

There are already plans for a major renovation: an exhibition stand will be built in one of the existing buildings. The entrance and the museum café should be located in the new ‘designated’ building. All this in order to receive the increasing number of visitors. In the new building, the huge value of the complex will be treated “with great respect”.

The Catharijneconvent Museum is still looking for an architect. This is expected to take some time as it will be done through a European tender. This year, five architectural firms will be selected. It will only become clear when additional plans are in place when the renewal can begin.

Renovation costs are estimated at between 30 and 35 million euros. Ambitious plans require additional support from individuals, trusts and governments.

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During the renovation, the museum wants to close as soon as possible, or rather not to close at all.

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