The chairman of the NPO board is concerned about attacks on the press

In the Netherlands, we must be vigilant against violations of freedom of the press, says Shula Reijsmann, chairman of the NPO. In her New Year’s speech, she expressed her concerns about the recent attacks on the press. “We live in a democracy and we have the press that gives us facts. Sometimes it might be a little colorful or sometimes it is small in one direction, but at least we have options. The moment you start threatening journalists and their work is impossible. You live in dictatorship and you are no longer in a democracy.” “.

“It is an absolutely dangerous development that facts are denied, science is questioned, and there are high doubts about the work of journalists. The moment the press is no longer able to do its job and cannot report what is happening,” there will be no more facts on the table. And if there are no more facts, there is enough room for fake news, “says Rijxman in News & Associates.

Fight lies

With the facts as an antidote, Rijxman says, the NPO must fight lies, conspiracy theories and polarization. It describes journalism as a fundamental basis for democracy, which operates according to press laws such as independence and transparency.

Newly nominated broadcasters must also “unequivocally” endorse these standards and values. Rijxman is calling for newcomers to really add something to the broadcast system, as the NPO threatens to become unmanageable. In this case, she suggested “closing the back door” of the system, without explaining what she meant by that.

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Currently there are eleven announcers. Thirteen new initiatives, including Ongehoord Nederland, Omroep Zwart and Omroep Groen, Hope Are accepted Even the broadcast command.

Science and Eurovision Song Contest and Young Talents

According to Riggsman, the nonprofit is in good health financially. This makes it possible to invest in more culture, region and information on radio, television and the Internet. Work is also underway on drama series, documentaries, investigative journalism and a special science magazine. The NPO Start streaming platform is being improved.

Rijxman is looking forward to the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam this year In any case Happen or occur. It is a unique European party that binds us all, especially in difficult circumstances.

Meanwhile, there is still room for young talent to develop. “It’s not uncommon for them to develop into a favorite audience, like Klokhuis Sosha Duysker presenter.” She won last month Philip Blomendal Prize For the talent of press presentation.

More entertainment

Rijksman is not happy with the recent downsizing of entertainment programs, under pressure from Minister of Information Slope. Such programs can reach hard-to-reach groups. Entertainment fits the NPO as a “national living room,” according to the chairman.

In light of the parliamentary elections in March, Rijksman called on politicians to give non-profit organizations space to “preserve the important and continuing role of society.” Millions of Dutch people are enjoying programs like News HourAnd the Who is the mole, on him Radio NOS 1 News at Nails with headsRijxman says.

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