“The cheapest Netflix subscription is already starting in November”

Netflix wants to launch its cheaper subscription on November 1 in the US, UK, France, Germany and Canada. Sources reported this to the American magazine variety. Advertisers had already been notified by Netflix of the plans.

Launching in November will be much faster than expected. In July, the company said the new subscription wouldn’t be offered until early 2023. However, Disney+ will launch in the US on December 8. New subscription with ads Which costs $8 per month, after which the regular, ad-free subscription gets more expensive.

The new US Netflix subscription will be between 7 and 9 dollars a month cost, making it $1 to $3 cheaper than the basic plan. European prices are not yet clear. The cheapest Netflix subscription in our country currently costs €8 per month, subscribers do not receive HD picture quality and can only watch one stream at a time. The Standard subscription costs €12 per month and the Premium subscription costs €16 per month.

Battle for subscribers

With cheaper subscriptions with ads, Netflix and Disney hope to retain existing subscribers as well as attract new customers who find streaming services too expensive. For years, Netflix has said it does not favor this model, but that situation has changed after the streaming service sold hundreds of thousands this year lost subscribers.

4 minutes of commercials per hour

Netflix and Disney each want to show about 4 minutes of ads per hour with new subscriptions. Netflix doesn’t want to show ad breaks at the end of an episode or movie, and like to keep some new series ad-free for weeks after release. The company also wants to prevent people from seeing the same commercials and programs aimed at children again It will not contain ads.

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Several restrictions apply to the cheaper Netflix subscription. For example, there is no possibility to watch movies and series offline by downloading them to the device. The cheap subscription will also have a smaller content offer, Netflix recognized. This is because the company owes certain movie studios and producers You must pay more To present their films and series in this new form.


Many of Netflix and Disney’s competitors have had cheaper advertising subscriptions for some time. In the Netherlands, the streaming service RTL Videoland offers this Also since 2020. In the US, Hulu and HBO Max also have similar options.

says Viaplay, which presents Formula 1 and the English Premier League in the Netherlands They don’t have plans For a cheaper subscription with ads.

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