The Chinese telecom giants are not out of stock in the US

The stock exchange company made inquiries with the regulator. Based on this conversation, the New York Stock Exchange decided to reverse its previous decision. So the three telecom companies will remain Listed now At NYSE.

This contradicts the December 31 decision to terminate the companies’ listings, which will no longer allow trading in the shares of the three companies on the New York Stock Exchange. It is not clear why the New York Stock Exchange maintains the listings. The stock exchange company does not provide any further explanation.

Links with the Chinese Army

The New York Stock Exchange announced this after US President Donald Trump signed a decree a month ago. This decree prohibits US investors from injecting money into Chinese companies that the US government says have ties to the Chinese military.

Index managers such as MSCI and S&P Dow Jones Indices announced that they will remove Chinese companies from their index. It is not known if they will reverse their decision as well.

The relationship is on the edge of an abyss

China’s Ministry of Economy has warned that Trump’s decree is an abuse of power to harm Chinese companies. Moreover, according to the ministry, this not only harms Chinese companies, but also harms investors in other countries.

In China, the decree is seen as politically motivated and countermeasures have been announced.

It will intensify the relationship between the United States and China. Trump has always chosen a hard-line stance toward China. For example, US companies are not permitted to sell technology to Companies listed in the so-called blacklisted. In recent years, countries have bombed each other with tariffs on imports.

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