The Classic Conway Century Test debuts as New Zealand shine at Lord’s

Devon Conway scored a century in his Test debut as New Zealand revealed their opening game with the Bates against England.

In the first two games between the nations, the Lords failed to close the Black Caps 246-3, ending at Conway 136 in the opening.

Ole Robinson also made an impact in his England debut, with the Sussex tailor earning 2-50, but working hard on an all-out attack for all four members, with captain Joe Root contributing 12 spin overs.

Ross Taylor’s 14-year-old departure sat 114-3 after New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat, but Henry Nichols paired with Conway to share a consistent 132 spot as England faded.

In England captain Alastair Cook’s previous 161 Tests, James Anderson again dropped Ken Williamson to form, while the New Zealand captain sent the ball to the stumps defensively and was out for 13 runs.

Tom Latham died from an inner edge, the only hole he fell in when Robinson threw it to 23 in the first session.

Nevertheless, Conway was inspired by the London Veil, becoming the 12th new Gelander to celebrate its first test flight in a century.

The 29-year-old was born in South Africa but was allowed to play for New Zealand in August 2020. He praised playing whiteball cricket at the highest level even before he got the chance in the long form.

Thanks to his unique moment in the final session spitting his pillow to the side of the leg, the left-hander is one of 16 left-handed batsmen to have beaten in an innings with 240 innings so far.

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Not yet 46, Nichols was delighted to play the second fiddle to his new teammate as the Black Caps set the stage for a big first-round victory.

From a quick start to a long game

Conway, the 281st player to represent New Zealand in Test cricket, has already played in three ODIs and 14 Twenty20 Internationals in his international career. In fact, his T20 winning percentage (59.1) is the highest among 528 players who have played in at least 10 matches.

He set a record in his first Test shot, surpassing Williamson 131 against India in November 2010 and captaining for the first time by a Black Caps rookie outside of New Zealand.

Anderson can get Kane back

With a hectic schedule, including the run of five games against India, Anderson dropped Williamson after lunch and gave England a rare moment.

He has now been sent off seven times in Tests, more than any other player. In fact, no other New Zealand batsman has taken shape on more occasions for Anderson.

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