The company behind the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is looking at acquisition opportunities in the US

Photo: ANP

Euronext, the operator of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, will, among other things, continue to look for new acquisitions in the coming years. CEO Stephane Bogna sees a slew of potential prey for the company that founded the Italian stock exchange earlier this year. Acquisition outside Europe, for example in the United States, can also be an option.

“We must be patient and ready to respond, as we did with the Italiana Stock Exchange,” Boujna said, announcing Euronext’s new strategic plans. He noted that the company is also looking for opportunities in foreign exchange markets, data services, or other activities. Boujena did not name specific companies he was considering.

Euronext is already the operator of the stock exchange, among others, the Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris stock exchanges. In recent years, the company has been aspiring to become something of a pan-European company. To this end, various acquisitions were made. Through the Borsa Italiana deal, which was sold by British rival London Stock Exchange (LSE), Euronext has grown into the largest stock exchange operator in Europe.

Boujna wants his company to grow faster in the coming years, which is why he is adjusting Euronext’s financial goals for the coming years. Euronext also hopes to benefit from the recent expansion in Italy. The acquisition should pay off more cost savings than previously planned. The company also plans to grow its clearing business, i.e. transaction processing business.

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