The complete program for the return of the tiger

The Tiger Competition at IFFR 2022: The Return of the Tiger

During the day IFFR 2022: The Return of the Tiger 13 films of our selection of 2022 for our leading emerging talent competition, including EAMI It is directed by Paraguayan director Paz Encina who won the Tiger Prize in February, and the winner of the Special Jury Prize Excess will save us by Morgane Dziurla-Petit.

  • accrumMaria Ignatenko, 2022, Russia / Germany / Israel
  • cloud messengerRahat Mahajan, 2022, India
  • kryanaMarguerite de Hillerin / Félix Dutilloy-Liégeois, 2022, Portugal
  • EAMIAnd the Paz Encina, 2022, Paraguay / Germany / Argentina / Netherlands / France / United States
  • Excess will save usMorgane Dziurla-Petit, 2022, Sweden
  • Kafka for kidsRoy Rosen, 2022, Israel
  • Malintzen 17Mara Bolgovsky / Eugenio Bolgovsky, 2022, Mexico
  • with a knifeSam de Jong, 2022, The Netherlands
  • plansDavid Estill, 2022, Australia
  • Proyecto FantasmaRoberto Dufres, 2022, Chile
  • Le rêve et la radioRenaud Despres-Larose / Ana Tapia Rousiouk, 2022, Canada
  • Ningdu (previously Silver bird and rainbow fish), Lei Lei, 2022, US / Netherlands
  • YamabukiYamasaki Juichiro, 2022, Japan / France

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IFFR 2022 Big Screen Competition: Return of the Tiger

The Big Screen Competition presents a wide range of films that bridge the gap between popular, classic and art cinema. Eight titles from the IFFR 2022 selection will be on display, including the winner of the VPRO Big Screen kung fu flower By Mabrouk Al-Mishri.

  • ExceedsAnd the Adilkhan Yerzhanov, 2022, Kazakhstan / Russia
  • BroadwayAnd the Christos Massalas, 2022, Greece / France / Romania
  • Darin HallAnd the Brett Michael Innes, 2021, South Africa
  • petals driftAnd the Clara Low, 2021, Australia
  • The islandAnd the Anca Damien, 2021, Romania / France / Belgium
  • kung fu flowerAnd the Congratulations to El Meshri, 2021, France
  • u u, Adrien Silvestre, 2021, Spain
  • Wonderful solitudeAnd the Ursula Antoniak, 2022, The Netherlands
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Ammodo Tiger Short Contest at IFFR 2022: The Return of the Tiger

14 different short films from 1 to 63 minutes will be shown from the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition.

Get ready for IFFR 2022: The return of the tiger

Still movie: EAMI

Scene from the movie: Kung Fu Flower

Still the movie: the excess will save us

Still movie: Love Again

Film Still: Becoming Male in the Middle Ages

Film still: Nosferasta: First Bite

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