The conditions for repaying a single headache medication are very strict

However, she is not yet satisfied with the advice. If it is up to Koelewijn, more people should be eligible for compensation. That’s why today, in collaboration with Hoftiginnet, a network for people with migraines and other types of chronic headaches, he launched Petition Edit Terms.

Because Koelewijn provides the same relief through medication to other patients. Before using inhibitors, her life was very different. In the days before the attack I had trouble concentrating, I was easily irritated, I could not find the words, and there was tingling in the tongue and fingers on one side of my body.


When the attack started later, Kolevijan had severe headaches, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound. “You never know when it will stop.” After such an attack, she became exhausted. “If you have this many times, you will be busy throughout the month.”

This is a dark world to live in, says Koelewijn. “Migraine is more than just a minor headache. It’s a neurological hereditary condition that can not be met because you never know when you will have another attack.”

NOS op 3 has made this great before, experience for yourself what a single headache attack looks like:

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