The creation of a solar park in Zieuwent is back on the agenda

“Reintroducing this proposal may seem a little strange, but if we don’t, we will be legally stuck as a municipality,” Hoenderboom says. The legislator expects the Council of State to overturn the municipal council’s decision in the event of a potential appeal, resulting in claims for damages against the municipality. In addition, Hoenderboom has been in touch with network operator Liander to find answers to questions about the overcrowded power grid. Liander cannot simply answer yes or no. “The state of the network is very volatile, and where capacity is today, it may be forgiven tomorrow,” the network operator said. Liander already indicates that it is in the process of expanding the network in Zieuwent, which will create scope for new initiatives.

“When there is space on the Liander grid again, space on the grid will be reserved for the solar park, after the initiators of the solar park have applied for Liander approval,” Hoenderboom says. “Only then will the initiators begin to develop and install the solar park.” This invalidates the objections of the VVD and Nieuwe Liberalen Oost Gelre (NLOG) about the overcrowded power grid by an alderman. A solar park on the outskirts of Zieuwent, with nearly 5,000 solar panels, should generate electricity for about 750 households. The power cable for the solar park was pulled recently.

Can it be reversed?
A number of locals in the planned solar park were astonished that the decision was once again on the table. Ms Fosters responded with surprise during the committee meeting on Tuesday evening: “Can this decision be completely reversed?” “As an ordinary citizen, I don’t understand that.” Vosters isn’t necessarily against a solar panel or a solar park, but it’s on this site. “There is only one solution and that is not to do it,” Fosters says. NLOG thinks so, too. “Like the neighborhood, we are amazed that this proposal is back on the agenda,” party leader Bertie Busker says. “Ready is ready.”

It’s better to turn halfway than to be completely wrong
Richard Klein Tank of PvdA shares the surprise that the solar park proposal is once again on the table, but on the other hand is also happy with the development. “It wasn’t good that the decision was made before the summer,” said Klein Tank.
“Obviously, a claim for damages from the initiator of the Solar Park is imminent. Good to see some new insight. Better half turned out completely wrong.”

A decision will be made in two weeks
The VVD, one of the parties that voted against the proposal before the summer, did not want to respond on Tuesday evening, but would keep the discussion until the council meeting in two weeks. Then the city council will vote again on a “no-reservations declaration” for the creation of the solar park, which now appears to be able to count on a majority.

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