The “crown” cleverly connects all seasons

The Crown, of course, throws a new queen every two seasons, but it still ties the two together.

the crown Netflix is ​​a rather great series. The entire crew is replaced every two seasons. However, a new cameo in Season 4 combines the first and second seasons with the third and fourth series.

In the series, actress Claire Foy appears as Queen Elizabeth, but after the second season, actress Olivia Coleman succeeded her. Imelda Staunton will succeed her next season.

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Young Elizabeth
The eighth episode of Season 4 features a surprising appearance from Claire Foy. She returned to give a speech that young Elizabeth gave in South Africa in 1947 regarding the importance of that nation to her kingdom. She did so on her 21st birthday. Especially for this speech, Claire Foy is back in a surprising cameo.

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That’s great, because the series once again hints at the change of sentinel you made. The series actually did just that in season 3 by placing the new queen in front of a series of stamps, which clearly showed the difference in appearance between the actresses.

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