The CSIO5 * Nations Cup is dominated by the Irish in Canada

The Irish team, led by national coach Michael Blake, won the CSIO5 * Longines Nations Cup in Canada with just 5 penalty points. The Irish have not finished out of the top three in the 2017 Nations Cup. “It took me a year to figure out how to win, but we hadn’t left the stage until then.”

Daniel Goyle and Connor Swiley were knocked out in the first round, while teammates Andrew Bourne and Shane Sweetman kept the counter at zero. Thanks to the end of the strip, the team advanced well with 4 penalties in the first round, followed by the Australian team with 9 penalties, while the Irish still conceded a penalty in the second round.

Goyle, Bourne and Sweetman do the work

In the second round Swiley brought his horse Include me (V. Count Cronus) did not start, but his teammates were able to lead the series without an end. All three were clear, but the Sweetman scored 1 penalty for overtime. Thus they got 5 penalty points.

Mexico beyond Australia

Australia scored 13 penalty points in the second round, thus overtaking Mexico. Mexico scored 12 penalty points in the first round and had to add 1 penalty point after the second round.

As a result

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