The Daily Herald – 27 students leave for Holland on Monday

The students are preparing to leave.

Princess Juliana International Airport filled with family, friends and donors in preparation for the departure of 27 students for the Netherlands on Monday afternoon.

Said Antonio Aventurine, Head of Research Funding Daily Herald Initially, 28 students were willing to travel, but unfortunately one of the students tested positive for COVID-19 and thus was unable to travel with his peers. However, he said that once this student is released and able to fly safely, his journey will continue.

Families say their last goodbyes as the students prepare to leave.

When asked how the trip plans affected the Govt-19 pandemic, he said that since last year the Research Funding Division has developed a protocol that provides valuable information to students. Before the trip, the students took part in preparatory workshops. The US Department of Student Support, Health, Community Development, and Labor Services also participated in these workshops as lead facilitators.

Prior to the trip, all students were required to take COVID-19 tests as part of their requirements to enter the Netherlands. All standard protocols for students were followed.

He also said that due to lack of money for the trip, none of the department staff traveled with the students.

However, students will travel to the Netherlands on a direct flight and many parents have traveled with their children, he explains. Once in Holland, they met this team at the airport.

In the Netherlands, students participate in a planned orientation programme. During this period, as in previous years, students are guided through the immigration process and assigned mentors and friends (other students currently studying in the Netherlands). Workshops and activities are also held during this period. After this orientation, the students will split up and move to their cities.

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The main cities they go to include Den Hoek, Rotterdam, Arnhem, Nijmegan, Maastricht and Groningen.

Aventurine said the group of students leaving for the Netherlands will be one of many leaving this month. He said another 40 students will travel to Canada, the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) later this month. Some of these students have already left for the United States.

He said the unit is working hard to ensure that all students enrolled in higher education are well prepared for their journey, despite the Govt-19 pandemic.

The paper’s student David Clifford spoke. When asked about his travels to the Netherlands, he said that he was sad to leave, but at the same time very excited to embark on a new journey. This is his first time in the Netherlands, but he confirmed that extensive research has been done on his behalf on what to expect when he gets there. “I think of everything I’ve seen” [during my research – Ed.] I can handle that, so I’ll be fine.” He will continue his studies in European and International Law with Clifford Hooke.

Another student, D’Johnny Lake, felt a mixture of excitement and a little nervousness as she waited to leave. Although she was no stranger to Holland, she admitted that she was very young at the time and did not remember much about this trip, so she is excited to see what Holland has in store. She is studying cosmetology in Rotterdam.

Before they left, the Minister for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports (ECYS) Rudolf Samuel took the students into a private room and gave his speech. Soon the students and families had a brief moment for their final farewell.

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When the students were invited into the departure hall, last-minute warmths, greetings and congratulations were exchanged. Many cried when they saw the students leaving with their peers. Some found it difficult to give up and persisted until the last minute for as long as possible.

As the students entered the departure hall, a crowd of family, friends and supporters applauded and cheered, giving all the students their last support on their journey.

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