The defense supports the Ashiana Home for the Elderly with maintenance of the site

The defense supports the Ashiana Home for the Elderly with maintenance of the site

The Surinamese Ministry of Defense provided the necessary support for the maintenance of the lands of the Ashiana retirement home. For 3 days, from Monday 1 March to Wednesday 3 March, SNA soldiers were deployed to perform maintenance work on the entire site. During a visit by a resident of the house, Minister Krishna Mathura was briefed on the condition of the site.

This was the reason for this activity of the minister. Thus, the minister hopes to beautify the environment, especially for the residents of the house. She expressed her gratitude to the Suriname National Army, which had shown its willingness to provide the necessary support.

The minister also encourages the community to carry out similar activities for the benefit of a clean environment. Minister Mathoera indicated that this is not a one-off activity, but rather a structural approach to support the home will be considered. Not only will the hierarchical approach apply to Ashiana, but it will also apply to other needy organizations.

With this, the Minister wants to emphasize her policy, as it is indicated that the National Army should operate close to society and provide support in difficult times. According to Minister Mathuera, the elderly deserve a clean and uncluttered environment that brightens their lives.

Acting Deputy Director of Administrative Services at the retirement home Ashiana Rodney Sumandas welcomes the support of the Minister of Defense and the National Army. Mainly due to lack of personnel, support with open arms was received by the house.

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Ashiana offers shelter to people 60 years of age or older, who depend on someone else for care, but who can also stay independently.

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