The definitions of the Olympic football team against Australia are slowly becoming clear

Rehab after a hopeless defeat against Spain on Friday could not really speak yesterday. To that end, Dutch football women played equally again and the resistance of weak Australia was very thin. In terms of statistics, it’s not so bad (5-0), but it’s not the dynamics and dominance that national coach Sarina Wickman wants to see so badly in the Orange game.

Australia, without internationals from their home country, had already been beaten by Germany (5-2) on Saturday and were the Orange’s best opponent after the sepia against Spain. The Australian women are indebted to the top of the FIFA rankings (seventh), with numerous victories over football dwarfs, mainly from their region. Their presence in Nijmegen did not provoke the Orange big acts.

The Netherlands started in the same eleven against Spain, and on that basis Wickman considers this to be the strongest possible line-up at this time. She did not have time to experiment. In previous years, Alcarve split the selection into two teams during the trophy so everyone could play. There is no time for that now, a hundred days before the game, and no three training duels. He already has the definitions of the team that will soon be in his head in Tokyo.

Security for Tokyo

Of the eleven currently enjoying Wickman’s confidence, Anik Novan is the most spectacular player. With the exception of Stephanie van der Crock, PSV’s 22-year-old bodyguard can no longer be ignored from the security center. Wickman has other options for defense, but Novan seems to be a firm one for Tokyo.

Jill Rourd, who has long been marked by the label of eternal existence, has also worked hard. The Arsenal player has been favored by Shanis van de Santon and Lynette Pirenstein on the right in the last six games. Ruert, at first a midfielder, can read the game, has a lot of technical stuff and is confusing the opponent as he wanders around many domains.

Also, they are trustworthy names that should help the Netherlands to the Olympic medal after European gold and global silver. Surprisingly, Vivian Midema, who was shot at Arsenal, did not score for the third time in a row. Rudd, League Martens, Jackie Cronen, substitute Perenstein and Daniel van de Tong did it yesterday.

Small selection

Prior to the game against Australia, Wickman said: “There are players who are closer to the site and a little further away. The final selection for Tokyo will be announced in June. Only eighteen.

Wickman knows that choosing is part of his job and that it is part of the best game. But she also knows it does something for players. “We talk to them. The competition is fierce and everyone really wants to go to the Olympics. There is a group that knows they are going, but there is also a group that does not know. They know who their competitors are and I see their interest in training. ”

Tokyo draw on April 21st

Next Wednesday, the Netherlands will find out who their opponents are in the group stage of the Olympics. Wickman expects Orange to be one of the three team leaders with Japan and the United States. Japan have already been assigned to Group E and will play their first game in Sapporo. Group F starts in Rifu and Group G in Tokyo. The first day of the game is Wednesday 21st July. Numbers one and two advance to the quarterfinals, and the first two numbers to three. Twelve countries placed: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Great Britain, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, USA, Zambia and Sweden.

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After a tough time, Shanis van de Santon is trying to focus fully on football again. His goal is to have a base in VFL Wolfsburg and Orange.

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