The desperate search for Julia (8) ends with a miracle: a German girl with hypothermia is found in the woods | Don’t miss these stories

A German girl who went missing on Sunday during a family outing at the German-Czech border has been found in good health. 8-year-old Julia was discovered near the Czech village of Ceska Kubicce, eight kilometers from the place where she disappeared.

Tatiana Trieste, Sven Van Malderen

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10-12-21, 19:15

The parents were on holiday near Seershof on Sunday with their two children and nephew. This mountain, with a height of 1042 meters, is the highest in the Bohemian Forest.

But what was supposed to be a carefree vacation soon turned into a nightmare. The children disappeared from view while playing in the woods. The six-year-old son and the nine-year-old cousin were soon found, but the eight-year-old remained missing.

race against time

Temperatures drop below zero in the region. According to the police, she was not wearing warm enough clothes to withstand such a cold. So it seemed like a ‘race against time’. The challenging terrain and challenging trails did not make the task any easier.

More than eight hundred aid workers from Germany and the Czech Republic searched for the girl with the sniffer dogs. Helicopters with thermal cameras and special off-road vehicles have also been deployed. The team breathed a sigh of relief when Julia appeared alive after all.

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8-year-old Julia disappeared from Germany during a family vacation at the German-Czech border. © RV

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