The Deus Ex Machina in Amsterdam reopened as the Deus Cantina

Deus Ex Machina, an Australian (clothing) brand, moved into the Amsterdam Canal in 2019 with a shop (Dias Store) and restaurant. The 750-square-meter restaurant was renovated and reopened on October 14 as the Deuce Continent.

Photos: Tristan Fopma


The restaurant, which is less than 750 square meters, was recently completely renovated and reopened as the Deus Cantina in October. Founders Corby Duckwell and Dare Jennings see this as a hangout you can go through all day. The interior is inspired by other locations such as Sydney, Milan and Bali. Inside, guests can see mainly wood, bamboo, metal and lots of greenery.

The iconic Deuce artwork hangs on the wall and motorcycle and surfing attributes are everywhere. In addition to ‘The Tech’ (with view of the canal), restaurant, jungle room, terrace and large ‘Brickline Bar’, there are three attractive, lockable rooms. You can join the chefs in the garage kitchen at the back of the restaurant.

Condina is the god of Amsterdam

On God

Deus Ex Machina A store (Dias store) in 2019 on the Amsterdam Canal and Restaurant. Deus Ex Machina (God of the Machine) describes himself as a clothing brand: a way of life, a culture. Deus (“deej-oes”) originated in Australia in 2006, not only with the intention of selling custom parts and hand-built motorcycles, but above all to inspire and celebrate creativity and self-expression. Deuce philosophy goes back to a time when motorcycling, surfing and skateboarding were not yet in the mainstream. Back to the basics of ‘La Machina’ and its fun. Meanwhile, Deuce won not only the surf and motorcycle community, but the world as well. There are now twelve ‘Diaz Temples’ in Berlin, Piarritz, Sydney, Bali, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Milan and Cape Town.

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