The dinosaur remains in the 95 million year old skeleton of a newly discovered crocodile: ‘his last food’ | Abroad

It suggests Sky NewsFossil remains of a crocodile called Confractosus charoctonos were found in a large goat farm in Queensland. These fossils are believed to be 95 million years old.

While researchers were busy stitching together the remains of a crocodile, they found the bone remains of a small young ornithopod dinosaur in its stomach. According to scientists, this is the first evidence that crocodiles have eaten dinosaurs in Australia.

‘Very Rare’

“It’s very rare to find a small young ornithopod in the gut of a fossil crocodile, as there are only a few examples worldwide of animals that ate dinosaurs,” says the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum. Sky News.

The fossil was first discovered and excavated in 2010 by museum staff and volunteers. But the bones were so fragile and so dense that they could not be removed. Therefore, a special technique had to be used to find the bones in the rock. This took many years.


Dinosaur bones were also found in crocodile bones. This suggests that, according to scientists, the crocodile either killed the animal immediately or captured it as soon as it died. One of Arnithopath’s femurs was torn in half, and the other was severely bitten on the femur, leaving a dental mark on the bone.

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