“The Dutch are stuck in a bus at Kabul airport, many Taliban and there are no Dutch soldiers anywhere” abroad

In Afghanistan, the Dutch evacuation lasted more than 24 hours, and it is proceeding with great difficulty, Reports news hour. In any case, an unknown number of Dutch people are waiting in a single bus near Kabul Airport. But they did not advance further, according to the current affairs programme.

The State Department confirms the operation, but does not want to dwell on it. Anything I say could jeopardize the success of the operation. That’s the last thing we want,” a spokesperson for this website said. There is a bus on its way to the airport. We are doing our best to get these people to the airport. If we talk too much about it, we won’t help anyone.”

Turn off voice messages

news hour He has been in contact with the evacuees since yesterday. The evacuees were called to gather at a location and then left in a convoy for the airport. At least one bus is still stationary and it is not known if other buses have reached the airport.

“No one should know that there are many people here. Anything can happen in Afghanistan. Now someone comes to me and asks me to turn off my phone,” one of the evacuees said in a voice message. news hour.

The evacuees on the bus see a lot of Taliban on the way. They stopped at the airport. There are many buses there. The Taliban examines the papers. There is no directive. There are no Dutch soldiers either, let someone get on the bus news hour I know. The bus is probably 1 km from the airport.

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Earlier today, a bus carrying evacuees was stopped by Belgium at a Taliban checkpoint. Shot was fired. In the end, the bus passengers did not make it to the airport. Four more buses arrived.

A large group of men, women and children were asked to go to an undisclosed location. From there they were taken to the airport by five buses. In order for everything to go safely, the evacuees were not aware of any details.

panic on the bus

Bus drivers were also told at the last minute of their route. The process went smoothly and eventually everyone was able to get on a plane to Islamabad and meet them in Belgium. They were all Belgians or people with ties to our southern neighbours.

Buses were deployed again this morning to take people from the city to the airport, but according to a military source, things went poorly. A bus was almost at the airport when the car had to stop at a Taliban checkpoint. At first, the Taliban were limited to the usual searches, but then suddenly they started shooting. The passengers fled the bus in panic and rushed in all directions. They were unharmed.

About 19,000 people were evacuated from Kabul airport within 24 hours, according to the White House. It concerns people evacuees by US military flights and flights of coalition partners, such as Belgium.

The White House said about 82,300 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan since the evacuation mission began. And the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) said, on Tuesday, that just over 5,000 people were still waiting for a flight at the airport. The United States adheres to the August 31 deadline to leave Afghanistan. Therefore, pressure is mounting to evacuate many people from Kabul by that date.

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