The Dutch horse deserves gold

Four drivers in hand IJsbrand and Bram Chardon. Photo: Martin Dykstra

Thanks to the coronavirus, a cannon could be fired at the elongated Maastrichterweg in Valkensward in recent months. When Quote took a closer look in May, it was hard to imagine that either side of this country’s track ending in Belgium would turn once a year into a global showjumping paradise, where the best riders show off their skills during the Global Champions Tour (GCT). Under the watchful eye of the world’s richest people who have traveled to Eindhoven or Maastricht Aachen Airport, whether on a private jet or not. Their helicopters, used as taxis, land in the surrounding fields.

Once on site, sheikhs, princesses and more successful businessmen have a non-Brabant plane. It’s all thanks to one man: Jean Tops (60). The number one jumper and Olympic gold medalist became an icon in the international horse world. However, the baker’s son from Falkensward rarely appears in the foreground, which is why he is nicknamed “Brabantsi Celentre”.

Most profitable competition series

In over fifteen years, his GCT has become the world’s highest-grossing competition series for vaulting enthusiasts. Participation means a payment of 2.5 million euros per team, which is quickly compensated by a high rating. Peaks likes to reflect the world of Max Verstappen, who also lives in Monaco. “Our passengers have the same qualities as Formula 1 drivers. Championship is a way of life. The whole environment First class high level crowdAnd the Very interesting for discerning patrons“.

Emile Hendrix Stable Breeder Hendrix Barlow

The Hendrix Family by Stahl Hendrix. Photo: Martin Dykstra

Bill Gates, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Bloomberg, the late Steve Jobs, and Zara founder Amancio Ortega: just some of the financial powerhouses her daughters walk with. Thus, the success of Tops was not only yesterday. However, he only appeared on our radar in 2020 when American sports investor Frank McCourt sold his 50 percent stake in the GCT chain for 150 million euros to German businessman Lars Windhorst. Tops owns the other half, making his entry into the Quote 500 (estimated net worth €230 million) fact and a big horse story a matter of time.

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Boulder seeds

Now that we have our eyes open, we see that the Dutch sporting horse is always vying for trophies, the super-rich train is here, and the Boulder seed flies all over the world. Because there is no horse as famous as the hot-blooded Dutch turf. There are no good equestrian facilities anywhere, which is why many top riders choose our country as their base.

What is this exactly? You can read it all in the new quote. It also has many extra ingredients for a sweltering, sporty summer, while you’re being raised at flying altitude. We speak to agents of top athletes such as Raymond van Barneveld and Daphne Schippers. Join ex-President of Feyenoord Jorian van den Herrick for a conversation about football, money and power. We also present the 11 most athletic millionaires in the Netherlands. So, press the button below or at full speed to the kiosk.

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