The Dutch national team has played against Suriname only once

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Suriname won the first match in the run-up to the World Cup in 2022. The Dutch national team played against Suriname only once, during the 1960 tour.

In the summer of 1960, the Dutch national team traveled to the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname thereafter from the West his name was. Mexico is also visited en route. It was a big loss for the orange, as they lost 3-1 in Mexico. It was no more than 0-0 against the Netherlands Antilles.

“We fear that Dutch football in general and our national team in particular, with the trip to the West, will not grant the honor that people hoped for, if it was not expected,” the magazine said. Sports history Nice. “The reason we are waiting so impatiently for the next very important international season – with his matches in the preliminary round of the World Championships.”


It was Paramaribo’s last international match. He wrote again: “In Suriname’s concrete stadium, nearly 13,000 spectators, including the acting governor, Dr. C. Nuggetal, witnessed the first historic official match between the two halves of the kingdom.” Sports history.

There, too, the Dutch players fought more with themselves than with their opponent. It was true that they had won 4-3, but at the end of this match that score was seriously jeopardized by the severe lack of physical fitness among the Dutch.

Lack of fitness could be related to staying in the Netherlands Antilles. KNVB director HJ van Dalen posted a personal report a few weeks into the trip Sports historyWhich made it clear that the sport was not just completed. Meetings are organized until the wee hours of the morning. There was also lunch, “where pigs are roasted on a spit and people can eat and drink to their heart’s content.”

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So, there is one big party: “ It was an unforgettable stay there in Curaçao: They did literally everything to make our company feel at home, and despite the scorching heat, both of our parties were still very satisfied with the stay in Curaçao and our location. . Hosts are from the Antilles. After that, the players had to go to Suriname.

Humphrey Mijnals

The trip to from the West It meant the end of Humphrey’s international career, the first Surinamese to play for Orange as well, in 1960. National coach Elec Schwartz had promised him a prime place against Suriname, but he did not abide by that deal. Only in the second half was Mijnals brought to Cor van der Hart, which was clearly a huge disappointment to him, just like the home crowd. When he got back, Mijnals said something about this in an interview, after which he was never called again.

The only positive thing about that trip is that the Netherlands have played against Suriname at least once, which has to happen again more than sixty years later. Oh yeah, and those pigs on the spit, were fun, too.

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