The Dutch volleyball team trains sitting in a sneek and challenges the curious and fanatical athletes to ‘slide for a spin’

The benched Dutch women’s volleyball team is holding a training camp this weekend in Snake, where national coach Hong Zhao lives. Part of the program is an open training.

Under the leadership of Hong Zhao (on behalf of China, she competed as a volleyball player at the 1988 Olympic Games, and played sitting volleyball on behalf of the Netherlands at the 2016 Paralympic Games), the Orange women are preparing for several important tournaments. The goal is to participate in the Paralympics in Paris next year.

Makkum’s Wietske Terpstra is one of the internationals, who will run two training blocks this weekend and also complete the competition tour.

On Friday afternoons, there is a special training for the team, which usually meets every week at the Military Rehabilitation Center in Dorne. The competition will take place on Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm in the Schuttersveld sports hall in Sneek. One of the participating teams is Sneek’s FDS, whose Premier League first pick is vying for the national title.

“An opportunity to experience what sitting volleyball is like”

Open practice will take place on Sunday, again at Shuttersfield Sports Hall. It starts at 10:30 am and ends at 1:00 pm. “We challenge every curious and fanatical athlete,” Zhao said. ,, We offer people the opportunity to experience what volleyball is like in a sitting position. Go for a ride on this unique training. ”

Zhao doesn’t do it without reason. , The more popular sitting volleyball becomes, the better for the development of this sport. But we also challenge curious and fanatical athletes because, as a Dutch team, we don’t have many players. We can always use backup.”

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