The end of an era for ‘Mall’ and ‘Bluge’ is entirely possible: ‘We haven’t contacted Olaf and I yet’

Things will change for Dutch Formula 1 fans next year. From now on, the first chapter must be watched via Nordic Entertainment Group’s ViaPlay channel. It remains to be seen what will remain the same, including Olaf Moll and Jack Ployeg.

The famous duo have been reporting on Formula 1 races all over the world for many years, and they are also a constant component of Ziggo Sport. Now that the rights in the Netherlands have passed to NENT next year, the question is what it will all look like for a Dutch viewer next year. It is very likely that the reports of Mol and Plooij will end, because neither of the two men have heard anything from NENT at the moment.

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In this regard, both the gentlemen and the fans remain in the dark, although Bleug refuses to give up. “Am I panicking? No. If NENT thinks they should do it without me, then they should. But there’s still a tail on it. So if NENT doesn’t want it, there might be other slots,” he finally drops mysteriously.

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