The end of the east coast of US fuel shortages looms as the pipeline is restarted

The 8,850 km pipeline was closed by the Colonial Pipeline last weekend as a precaution after the invasion of Russian pirates. Hackers used ransomware and wanted a ransom to free up systems. It is not known how many they order, but Colonial says she does not intend to pay.

Gasoline is over $ 3

The breach has already been described as the largest attempt to penetrate the US energy infrastructure ever. The Texas and New York pipeline accounts for half of the supply of gasoline, diesel, and kerosene in the interstate states. On a typical day, the pipeline transports the equivalent of three million barrels of oil per day from the Gulf of Mexico.

The power outages caused an enormous shortage of fuel. Several gas stations in North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia have already run out of fuel, leading to long queues where fuel is still being sold. Meanwhile, gasoline prices have skyrocketed by US standards. One gallon (3.8 liter) now requires more than $ 3 to be paid.

Extra stop

Flying is also affected. Colonial Pipeline also serves seven airports, including Atlanta, the second busiest in the world. Many airlines have to make extra stops from Atlanta on their long-haul flights to refuel because they can’t bring enough kerosene with them.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed on Monday that the Russian internet gang Darkside was behind the breach. Pirates are making themselves heard by day. According to them, the intention was never to disturb the community, they were only behind the money. They promised to choose their targets more carefully from now on.

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Jones Act Commentary

Meanwhile, the US government is also taking action to combat the growing fuel shortage. In addition to calling for no stockpiling, the Department of Homeland Security temporarily suspended the Merchant Fleet Act more than 100 years old to ensure supplies from the Gulf after Mexico.

Named after US Senator Wesley Jones, the Jones Act prohibits these companies from using ships not built in the United States and not equipped with American crews between US ports. The exception applies to one sole proprietorship. It is not known which company it is.

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