The European Commission reaches an agreement with five member states on Ukrainian grain • At least 25 killed in Russia’s largest missile attack in two months

Russia refused the US Embassy’s request to visit imprisoned journalist Ivan Gershkovich on May 11. Reporter The Wall Street Journal Detained on suspicion of espionage, according to the United States, is not justified. A representative of the Russian Embassy in the United States was allowed to visit two Russian prisoners in New York last Wednesday.

The Russian refusal comes in response to the failure to issue visas to Russian journalists who wanted to travel to the United States in the wake of Foreign Minister Lavrov. Lavrov was in New York this week to attend a meeting of the UN Security Council, which Russia currently chairs.

On Thursday, the White House announced sanctions against Russia’s FSB security service over the arrest of Gershkovitch and other Americans. The same sanctions were imposed on Iran’s security apparatus, which has engaged in similar practices: “Our message to Russia, Iran and the world is that taking Americans hostage or holding them on improper grounds is unacceptable,” said President Biden. “Release them immediately.”

A full-page advertisement was placed in three US newspapers with the words He called “press is not a crime” for the release Gershkovich. His arrest is “the latest development in an alarming trend of journalists being harassed, arrested, or worse, for their coverage of the news.”

Guram Paul

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