The European Union makes “last effort” in consultation with the United Kingdom on the trade deal right Now

Chief European negotiator Michel Barnier said the European Union is making another “last effort” to negotiate a trade agreement with the UK for the period beyond December 31. Earlier in the day, according to informed sources, the European Union rejected a compromise proposal from the British over fishing.

“We are at a critical stage. We are making a final effort,” Barnier said before a meeting with diplomats from 27 member states.

The UK has the news agency according to sources Bloomberg He suggested reducing the value of fish caught in British waters by EU member states by 30 per cent, but the EU would not want to go beyond the cut by 25 per cent. The British were already down from their previous demand of 60 percent.

The European Union and the United Kingdom are currently negotiating what cross-trade should look like starting January 1, when the British also technically left the European Union. Until the end of the year, there is still a transition period in which trade takes place according to the old agreements.

Hunting is one of the main points of contention that remains on the table. The European Union wants European fishermen to continue to access British waters, but the British want to be able to make the decision for themselves. In addition, there is still a dispute over supervision and state aid.

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