The European Union wants 30% European content on Netflix, Disney + and Apple TV +

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New legislation from the European Union could ensure that more European content can be seen. The European Union wants streaming services such as Apple TV + and Netflix to contain at least 30 percent of European movies and series.

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Apple TV + is still very American in programming when it comes to programming, with a few exceptions like the Tehran series. Most of the time, however, is usually American content, from Oprah’s interviews with fellow fellow countrymen to Mariah Carey’s new Christmas show. a Bromofilmpy About Apple Originals makes that much clearer. The European Union now wants to ensure that European content creators have a chance, too Legislation proposal It states that Apple TV +, Netflix, and other services must contain at least 30 percent of European content. Otherwise, they will be banned.

Sections 64 and 65 of the proposal state that at least 30% of the content must be European, to ensure cultural diversity. The rules don’t apply to services that target small audiences or generate little sales. But for Netflix, Apple TV, and Disney +, that could mean a change: They will have to work hard to make their offer more diverse. Netflix already contains a great deal of content made in Europe or made in Europe. Incidentally, the content may also come from the United Kingdom, even if that country no longer belongs to the European Union after Brexit. This could make it easier for broadcast services to meet the requirements.


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