The European Union wants to delete controversial parts of the “Brexit Law” at the end of September | right Now

The European Union is giving the United Kingdom until the end of September to remove the provision that makes it possible to cancel parts of the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol of the controversial Brexit Act. This was announced by Maros Civkovic, who represents the European Union regarding the implementation of the withdrawal agreement, on Thursday.

Sivkovic calls on the British government to work on it as soon as possible or to complete it by the end of this month at the latest. British Minister Michael Gove made it clear to Sevkovitch that he would not comply.

The bill presented on Wednesday undermines parts of the EU Withdrawal Agreement. In doing so, the British are violating international law.

If passed, the law would give London the power to revoke portions of the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol. This protocol was put in place last year by the European Union and the United Kingdom to avoid difficult borders on the Irish island. Representatives from the United Kingdom and the European Union met earlier on Thursday in an emergency meeting.

“The European Union does not support the argument that the bill aims to protect the Good Friday Agreement. In fact, it does the exact opposite,” a statement issued by the European Union said.

Civkovic said the British had damaged confidence. “It is up to them to fix that,” the statement continued. The European Union has threatened legal action if Britain abides by the bill.

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