The F-16s sold became a practical adversary in the United States

Dragon International will take over the devices and related products starting next year. The company has contracted with the U.S. government to accept the enemy’s role in Air Force and Navy exercises. The deal with Dragon International includes the option to sell another 28 F-16s.

Upon completion of the sale, the aircraft will be used exclusively for (international) national training and support missions during training on US territory. The U.S. government monitors compliance with these agreements.


The sale of 12 F-16s is part of the F-16 End Life of Type (ELOT) program. The entire fleet will be divided into phases. 12 aircraft are expected to lead to the F-35 in 2022. The 28 aircraft under the option will be phased out until May 2024.

The Interim Safety Equipment Sales Committee has approved the sale of 12 aircraft. The committee includes representatives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Defense. The agreement is pending U.S. government approval under the Export License and Export Control Act for protection.

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