The Fake Influencer Who Scammed New York Airplane With The Life Of A Millionaire Working On His Own TV Show | Watch

Known from NetflixAnna Sorokin The trickster who was the inspiration For the main character in the Netflix series Anna’s inventionShe is working on her own TV show. In her New York apartment, where she is under electronic house arrest, she invites several guests to dinner.

Sorokin targets actors, musicians, socialites, journalists, business leaders, and more. According to Variety, she wants to tell her story in the series, and also reveals her plans for the future and also wants to rebuild her image.

Posing as Anna Delvey, Sorokin lived the life of luxury like many socialites in an affluent New York scene for years. She would dress extravagantly, go to jet-set parties, dine at award-winning restaurants, visit an exclusive spa or sauna every weekend, sleep in the nicest hotels, and even charter a private jet. Once Sorokin told the story that her father was a diplomat, and the other time an oil baron or successful solar panel businessman. No one knew that her father is actually a former truck driver. She was also broke.

The woman, who had a fortune of sixty million dollars, had thousands of followers on Instagram, where she posted enviable photos every day. She got away with it for four years, but was eventually defrauded. In July 2018, the police were called for the first time because she couldn’t pay the hotel bill. But it continued until then. She told an agent that her aunt from Germany would “really pay the bail.”

After four years in prison, she was released last February. Shortly thereafter, she was arrested because her visa had expired. She was released again in October. She has been under house arrest ever since.

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From prison, Sorokin sold the rights to her life story to Netflix in 2018. Accordingly, the streaming service made the series Inventing Anna, starring Julia Garner.

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