The father is a poignant and respectful account of dementia

Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins in The Father.Build Shawn Gleeson

Something strange happens in Anthony’s apartment in the 1980s in London (Anthony Hopkins). That blank spot on the wall, wasn’t there a painting his daughter Lucy had painted? The lobby seems to be getting smaller. The kitchen layout has just changed.

Yemen the father Apparently, Anthony shares your suspicions. Weren’t those gray and blue painted walls green at first? French playwright and director Florian Zeller who with the father In his first feature film, in order to get confused. And from claustrophobia: He limits his locations to the interior spaces where Anthony lives, alone or with his daughter Ann (Olivia Colman), who is responsible for looking after her charming and often annoying father.

Along with veteran author Christopher Hampton (dangerous relationshipsAnd penanceZeller has adapted his own play the father, played with great success in the Netherlands by Johanna ter Steig and Hans Croast, in a film script. This is so good all together it’s best to subject the film without much knowledge of construction; The less you know beforehand, the stronger the effect. Suffice it to say that Zeller has found an excellent way to show Anthony’s growing confusion.

however, the father An important addition to the many films – which are often very good – about dementia, from dramas such as away from her (2007), still alice (2015) and newer Supernova For Dutch documentaries like wi (2019) in not without you (2010). The movie also reminds us the love (2012), Michael Haneke’s brutal and witty description of the deterioration that accompanies aging. Occasionally the similarity with the love He looked up emphatically, as in the music choices, but Zeller has too many original ideas to be accused of copying.

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Oscar-winning script making and meticulous design alone the father In a beautiful and touching movie. Plus, Zeller has some of the best actors out there right now. Olivia Colman is as strong as ever, in a stealthy role who demands her response. Star the father It’s Hopkins, who rightly saw his phenomenal role crowned his second Academy Award, nearly thirty years after winning the horror classic. Silence of the Lambs (1991).

Hopkins, 83, may not have been better than he was at the father. Anthony is much more than just a confused mind: through growing despondency, the many aspects of his personality always come to light. A look or a word is enough to furnish the complex relationship between a father and daughter with history.

It is not for a moment that Hopkins and Zeller allow the viewer to watch Anthony from a safe distance. This proximity makes the father To an influential and respected account also for dementia. There is no point in taking care of Anthony; Although he gets it wrong sometimes, that’s his nightmarish reality.

the father



Directed by Florian Zeller.

Meet Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Olivia Williams, Rufus Sewell, Imogen Potts.

97 minutes in 61 halls.

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