The FBI removed 11,000 documents and 90 empty folders from Trump’s home

On August 8, the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida resort, where he also lives. The research was aimed at recovering government documents that Trump may have illegally taken from the White House.

Here are the photos of that raid:

An overview of the seized documents shows that 11,000 documents have been found. They were in a secure storage area, but also in Trump’s personal office.

Empty folders

In addition, dozens of empty volumes were also found, including 48 volumes marked “confidential”. At one time, it contained secret documents, but the question is where they are now. There were also 19 files containing “sensitive information”.

A Florida judge has given permission to publish the summary. He is still considering Trump’s request to appoint an independent person, called the Special Chief, to oversee the FBI investigation. In this way political interference must be prevented.

Newspaper clippings and clothes

The documents seized were among other things and boxes of newspaper clippings. In one box, in addition to thirty newspaper clippings, three pieces of clothing, a book, 11 secrets, 21 secrets, and 255 government documents or unclassified photographs were found.

The investigation is about whether Trump violated rules designed to protect national security. The former president says he “declassified” the documents (removed their confidential status) before taking them with him.

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