The few and Putin’s close acquaintances: The palace overlooking the Black Sea is mine

Rich Rottenberg, according to Business magazine Forbes Well for 2.2 billion euros, he has a long history with Putin. The two have known each other since they were twelve from their judo club. For a long time, Rottenberg was responsible for the largest alcohol production company in the country and also managed a large construction company, which carries out many government contracts for infrastructure and gas pipelines.

The oligarchy founded SMP Bank with his brother, which was due to his participation in the Russian annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea. Put. American services see Rothenberg as part of Putin The inner circle.

The businessman left today Telegram mash He knows he owns the compound, which he says is not something illegal about it. The same news channel was released yesterday Estate photos From the outside, which indicates that the palace is still under construction. That footage should disprove Navalny’s film.

An employee of Navalny Not satisfied with the video. According to her, the photos show repairs to the mansion that were necessary due to the poor ventilation. Independent news site The Insider Reports indicate that the editor-in-chief of MASH has direct links to the Russian government.

Protesters were warned, and the journalist was arrested

New Navalny demonstrations are planned in dozens of cities tomorrow. The politician lost last week The appeal Against his pre-trial detention, Navalny will next week hear whether he should go to 3.5 years in prison due to a previous suspended sentence.

Bee Previous protest Thousands of participants were arrested against Navalny’s arrest.

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