The FIA ​​is in talks with drivers after the United States Grand Prix controversy

Michael Masi plans to talk to drivers about ‘partial’ results at the United States Grand Prix. FIA racing director Fernando Alonso understands the frustration and therefore wants to clear the air.

The Grand Prix in the American circuit generally went very smoothly. There were no accidents, no violent clashes and only the abandoned were able to return to the garages under their own authority. As a result, the safety car does not have to enter the track during the race. However, there was considerable controversy surrounding the decisions of the ethnic administration. Alonso was overtaken out of the way by Kimi Raikon, which is generally not allowed, but the place does not have to be given back.

Shortly afterwards, Antonio Giovinci was also outscored by Alonso. However, the Spaniard ordered that the place be returned because otherwise he would be fined five seconds. This was a great disappointment to Alonso, who did not understand what the race administration was doing. “I can understand his frustration,” Masi was quoted as saying “Kimi and his decision on Turn 1 was definitely somewhat certain. At the next meeting we will discuss with all the drivers because I think there are two sides to the story,” he explains. “Obviously you overtook, then force it off the track and then overtake again. So we’ll discuss that at the next meeting.”

Why didn’t Rக்கikkெனnen return the place?

Masi mentions that Raikonon eventually escaped punishment because it could be argued that Alonso pushed him off track in the first place. “So this is a partial decision. Clearly two elements were seen and based on that it was decided to leave it as it is. But there is no doubt that it will be discussed at the next meeting.”

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