The filmmaker creates the thriller from phone videos submitted worldwide

Filmmaker Ramon de Jong wants to create a thriller with only submitted WhatsApp videos. Everyone in the world can submit anything until December 31st. “Everything is allowed: short or long. Until it’s a fantastic piece.”

Brooke said with a big smile at her home office in Waterland, artist and filmmaker Ramon de Zong, “I still don’t know exactly what it is. He has already received about 70 videos via WhatsApp, while the project has just begun.” From Canada, Australia and Africa. Nothing from Asia yet. ”

Cinterclass sense

De Zhang noted all the pieces submitted with careful explanation. This is also necessary to maintain some degree of perspective, because if everything goes according to plan, thousands of items can be submitted. It’s not too far away, because he threw the idea of ​​creating a thriller with all the material he submitted into the world just a week and a half ago.

“Everyone has to send something by the end of December. There are still 79 days left,” says the filmmaker, who is absolutely not afraid of the work that is coming. On the contrary, he looks forward to it. “It’s going to be a tremendous mystery. It’s fantastic. I already get a Cinderella feeling every day when I get a processor and can open a movie.”


De Zhang shows some pieces on his laptop: a howling dog, an almost wrecked train car, a car moving with dirty music on a country road in the fog. But lightning and storms in the Canadian highlands. How do you process it in a story? De Zhang shrugged with a smile. “Being creative is my profession, so I’ll find it. Of course I can always ask for extra pieces or add them myself.”

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Remon already has a work title: ‘Turn on the Movie App.’ Due to its international character, it will be an English language film. He made a plea to producers who wanted to participate: “I get a lot of pieces now without text or dialogue. I like stories too.”

What happens when the film is finally finished? “A premiere on WhatsApp suits me.”

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