The final season of “Homeland” is strongest ever: it can now be watched on Netflix

The eighth and final season of Homeland was recently launched on Netflix. The series, which revolves around a CIA agent, Carrie Mattison (Claire Danes), won a Grammy and a Golden Globe Award thanks to its acting Danes.

Carrie Matheson appeared in the first season of the American spy series homeland In love with Nicholas Brody, a US Marine who is released after years of imprisonment by al Qaeda. Back in the United States, he was hailed as a war hero. Matheson tells a detective that something is wrong and is trying to convince her superiors that Brody is a double agent. Mathiason does all this while battling her dipole head.

Realistic group

Unfortunately, it all ends and so does it homeland. The series is in its eighth and final season this year. After several seasons in the United States and Europe, “homeland” is returning to the Middle East.

In recent years, Homeland has presented itself as a very realistic spy series. For example, the series penetrated the realm of fake news and polarization, but it also dealt with the wave of terrorism in Europe.

What will happen in the eighth season?

In the seventh season, Curry ends up in a Russian dungeon. After a long stay in Russia, Matheson was finally extradited to the United States. At home, she qualifies in a clinic and tries to regain her memory. The Russians gave her no medication for her bipolar disorder, so an entire period of memory was wiped from her.

US President Saul Bernson (Mandy Patinkin) ordered to start peace negotiations with the Taliban. After several setbacks, he sought help from Matheson, who had not yet fully recovered. Although part of the CIA has yet to be convinced of true loyalty to Matheson, who became a Russian double agent during her months in prison. The series ends after eight seasons, but it doesn’t do so without a struggle. Season 8 is one of the strongest season ever, with worlds Homeland and Carrie Matheson wrapping up beauty for the fans.

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homelandSeason 8 can now be watched on Netflix.

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