The first European Paralympic Games will be held in the Netherlands in 2023

Event ambassador Jessk Griffin and Raymond Blundell of the National Paralympic Committee said the Netherlands wants to host the first European Paralympic Games in 2023.

There are aerial sports tournaments in the United States and Asia, but Europe is like no other. “I think Parasport experienced a similar event,” Blundell told NOS. “It is really great that the Netherlands came up with an innovative idea.” Griffoine, a former wheelchair tennis player, added, “This is great news for the Paralympic world.”

The exact size of the event will not be known yet. “During the planning phase, we suggested nine different sports and they were all well received,” Blundell said. These nine different sports include rugby, basketball, tennis, and table tennis on wheels, as well as wheelchair races, barragudo and boca.

We want to organize it in a big city and in the middle Central courts. “I think the best way to make aerobic sports more visible is to allow a large audience to experience the sport,” Griffin said.

Reasonable planning There is still a lot to do both logistically and financially, but Blundell and Griffin are optimistic. “We believe the next edition will be one and the European Paralympic Championships will return every four years.”

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