The first lady gives the green light for the national distribution of parcels

Suriname’s First Lady, Melissa Santokhi Senachiri, launched the government’s nationwide distribution of packages for homes and social enterprises last Friday. I did this on four bases. During the last period, the government released money from the COVID Parcel Fund to provide all the needy across the country.

The Relaxation Home for Disabled Children (SOGK), Faith and New Life Foundation, De Stem Foundation and A Pearl In Gods Eyes Foundation received a bulk package. And the package consists of 250kg rice, a rose petal, a potato rose, a sugar tin, a tin of cooking oil, a sardine tin, and 250 pieces of mouthpieces. In addition to this package, Stichting Een Pearl In Gods Ogen also received 10 “distance education” discs.

By donating this package, the Government of Suriname is trying to partially meet the daily needs of these institutions. “I hope that with this donation you will be able to bridge the coming period. The government is doing its part, I ask you to cooperate and provide assistance when necessary. Moreover, I would like to thank you for the special care you provide,” said the First Lady.

Due to the difficult times that we are currently going through, as the country is going through a phase of recovery, it is becoming more difficult for institutions to meet the daily needs than before. So they are glad that the leadership of the country, represented by the first lady, did not forget them. They thanked her and the government for the support.

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