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The last weekend of November will be cold and cold, Whirplaza Reports. With temperatures no higher than 6 degrees, the weather will be a real jacket. But should we also wear snow boots and buy carrots for a snowman’s nose?

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26-11-21, 15:14

While the rest of November was still fairly mild, winter is now on the way. Meteorologist Diana Wuy explains: ‘It’s all about a cold air bubble coming in from the Arctic. It’s surrounded by a low pressure area that’s currently causing extreme weather in the British Isles, with snow in Scotland. That’s coming our way, lightly, this weekend “.

“This causes gloomy and cold weather,” explains WWE. “Saturday, the temperature across the country will hardly rise to just over four degrees, and because of the humid air it will also be cold. It feels like it’s freezing.” There may also be a chance of thunderstorms, and nighttime temperatures below freezing can make it slippery in the morning. “It’s really winter now,” said WWE.


It’s really winter now

Diana Wee, Wirplaza

A cyclist braves the snow in Rotterdam. The picture is for illustration. © Bart Hogfield


Turbulence is also headed our way, and because of the -34-degree cold air at an altitude of about 5 km, it could cause the first snowflakes of fall, Wei believes. “I’m sure it might snow tonight, or Saturday or Sunday.”

Will you stay? “Unfortunately, the ground is still quite warm. I don’t think we will get any snow. In cold places, for example in the grass or in your car, a layer of snow can form there.” So there is no snowman in it, but you can probably collect enough to throw a snowball at someone.

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