The five most extraordinary stats of 2022

In the final weeks of 2022, we look back each day with the top 5. In terms of stats, the past calendar year offered plenty to enjoy. Jeroen Hertzberger, Webby Jansen, Marlos Kittels, Ledwig Wilten, and Orani Jeroen Delmy all played a leading role in this.

1. 400 Hertzberger goals

On November 13, Rotterdam scored a 1–3 win at the HDM promoted Men’s Tulip Hoovdklasse. At first glance, a completely natural victory, but a victory with a golden advantage, thanks to two hits by Jeroen Hertzberger.

The 36-year-old Rotterdam striker’s second goal was four hundred The official club goal of his career which is a rare stat in the hockey world. Hertz He scored 321 goals in the Eredivisie Super League, fifteen in the play-offs, two goals in the Gold Cup, forty in the European Hockey League, eight in the Indian Hockey League and thirteen in the Malaysian Hockey League.

Earlier in the season, Hertzberger had already finished as the second all-time leading scorer in the Eredivisie, beating Taiki Taikima (309 goals). In men’s major league history, only Roderick and Justov have scored more goals (346).

Jeroen Hertzberger on behalf of Rotterdam in the match against Amsterdam in the first half of the competition (1-6 win). Photo: Quinn Swick

2. Jansen is more productive than ever

Of all the Dutch players at the highest level, none have been as accurate as Yibbi Jansen this calendar year. The 23-year-old SCHC club and Dutch national team midfielder has been good in 56 competitive matches 51 goals. Jansen made 34 appearances in 33 official matches for Stichtsche and was good for seventeen goals in 23 Orange caps.

There was no one in the Dutch national team in 2022 who could match Jansen’s output. Frédérique Matla managed to keep up with her shoulder injury, but eventually finished just short of Janssen with eleven goals in fourteen caps. In international hockey, only the Argentine giant in the penalty shootout Agustina Gorzelani has scored more goals: 27 in 28 matches.

Yppe Jansen cheering after one of her 51 goals in the 2022 calendar. Photo: Willem Werness

3. An orange record for Keetels

As is known, the final match of the World Cup against Argentina was the last international match for Marlos Kittels. Not only does the 29-year-old midfielder finish her Orange career with 11 major trophies after 176 caps and 26 goals, but she also holds an unprecedented Orange record.

The Keetels stayed against Argentina (3-1 win) to time 84 He is undefeated in a row in the orange jersey, an achievement unparalleled. And the last defeat she suffered with the Dutch national team before that was more than five years ago in a friendly match against Belgium (0-1). This was followed by 79 wins and five draws, a one-of-a-kind streak that will be in the books for a while.

Marlos Kittels stands on her shoulders after her last international match. Photo: William Ferns

4. A unique Welten souvenir cabinet

Lidewij Welten won her 13th national title with Den Bosch in May this year in the final against SCHC. With this, the striker, who moved to Kampung after the summer, improved the national record of his former teammate Marty Goodere (twelve national titles with Bosch formation).

Wilton won its 13 championships from the 2005-06 season and lost the national title only three times in all those years: Amsterdam were stronger in 2009, 2013 and 2019. Once – in the 2019-20 season – the championship trophy was not awarded because the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the competition .

Lidewij Welten in one of her last performances for Den Bosch. Photo: William Ferns

5. Superstart Orange under Delmee

The Orange team is off to a great start under current national coach Jeroen Delmy. The team suffered its first defeat only in the middle of 2022 – in a professional league match against Germany, 4-1 – under the leadership of the former Orange international. In the previous 12 international matches, the Orange have remained undefeated each time (W10 G2), improving an old record.

In 1970, former Netherlands international Jules Ancione was undefeated in his first 11 competitive matches (seven wins, four draws). That super start seemed to have an eternal expiration date, but was left off the books thanks to Delmée and his lineup.

Delmée cheering after the Pro League win over England. Photo: World Sport Pics/Frank Uijlenbroek

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