The fleeing man ends his car in a pile ten meters high Instagram

A car exploded at a height of ten meters in an orchard in New Zealand. During this flight attempt, the car was propelled through a bandage.

According to police, the man’s car struck a pile of gravel at the bottom of the railroad tracks, after which the car flew into the air. The New Zealand fire department said the car landed in orchard piles 10 meters above the ground.

Christie Hall, a local, said she was watching TV when a car “raced” past her home on the train. “I saw him go too fast to stop immediately and jumped out of bed,” he said NZ Herald. “Before my legs hit the ground, I heard an ace for half a second, and then a thunderclap.”

According to Hall, the man turned off his lights and the way was not clear because he did not know it was an end in itself. “He responded too late as soon as he realized it.” The driver, a man in his twenties, was seriously injured and taken to Hawks’ Bay Hospital. A spokesman for the hospital said the man’s condition was stable.

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