The fleeing suspects were arrested shortly after the collision

The two men on a motorcycle robbed a woman last Wednesday and Then they were chased by her and hit by a carand 27-year-old Jermain M. and 28-year-old John A. Dat Reports Suriname Police Force.

The Paramaribo Regional Assistance Team (RBTP) was arrested Monday evening Wednesday 7 September. Earlier that evening, a young couple sitting on a motorbike stole from her purse containing a sum of euro cash at Costerstraat.

The injured party got out of her car to open her door. On that occasion, a man tore her bag and sat on a motorcycle that was going full speed. The woman, who did not hit the suspects, followed her car and beat the fleeing thieves.

John and Jermaine fell on the road, but nonetheless chose the harepath and left the bike behind. The bike has been seized pending investigation. The Police Department of the Center was notified of this theft through a public communication from the Command Center.

The RBTP, which was in the immediate vicinity, responded to this report and, based on the suspects’ descriptions, were arrested shortly thereafter in the nearby woods between Prins Hendrikstraat and Costerstraat.

Both suspects were injured and were taken by the RBTP to the police station in Keizerstraat. From there they were taken by ambulance to the emergency department of Paramaribo Academic Hospital. After medical treatment, they were taken to the police station for trial.

The bike has been seized pending investigation. After coordinating with the Suriname Public Prosecution Office, John and Jermaine were taken into custody by the police.

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