The flu is getting worse this year: you need to know this

1. What are the expectations?

Bentwellson: “Predictions are not rosy. We know from calculations that this could be the previous and most severe flu wave. We may have to deal with two flu waves: the second wave year at the end of this year and the beginning of the next. So expect more hospital admissions.

The flu wave officially begins when 58 out of 100,000 people have the flu. The flu wave has not officially started yet, but it could happen in the short term. That too predicts: soon and long. “

2. Is everyone, including young and healthy people, more likely to get the flu?

“Yes, everyone is more vulnerable, that is, everyone who does not have the flu. That’s why people who are vulnerable and health workers get a call for the flu vaccine.

If we take steps like washing our hands for a while more, they will help prevent the spread of the flu. “

3. There are different types of flu viruses, which flu goes on this year?

“There is still a small flu in the Netherlands. Most type A (H3N2). The good news is: the flu vaccine protects against this type of flu. We now have a vaccine that protects against four types of influenza, including this. Anyone who has been vaccinated can expect protection.”

4. What is the flu?

“There are dozens of cold viruses, for example rhinovirus and RS virus, but the flu virus is really something else.

5. Do extra vitamins help or not?

“Being healthy and living a healthy life is a good protection against illness. It is not clear what additional vitamins can contribute to this. There are studies on the role of vitamins. I have not yet seen conclusive evidence. However, it is not wrong to eat healthy.

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Of course don’t forget the flu shot. People can protect themselves by getting the flu vaccine. “

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