The former Formula 1 driver explains why he rejected Red Bull: “I believed it was positive growth …”

Kevin Magnussen Earlier he had explained why he had made the ‘unofficial offer’ Red Bull Racing Toro returned to get Rosso.

Dane’s Formula 1 life is very promising. When he hit the scene in McLaren in 2014, a bright future was predicted and his podium finish underlined it in his Australian debut.

Since then, however, things have not gone as smoothly as Magnussen expected. Driver McLaren was downgraded to test and reserve driver in 2015, leading to the return of Fernando Alonso, and he was fired later this year.

Haas continued a successful 2016 with Renault, before taking on Magnussen next season as an ally of Romain Grosjean.

In 2018, the American team enjoyed some good performances Formula 1 When it was fought in front of midfield. It ended the season at P5 in the Builders ’Championship, its best performance to date. Magnussen had 56 points to his name.

But as the end of the year approached, an important decision followed. Daniel Ricciardo was surprised by the announcement that Renault was going to Red Bull, so Toro Rosso driver Pierre Casley was promoted to Red Bull, leaving the vacancy in Toro Rosso.

Magnussen has said in the past that the group has approached him about a possible deal, and in an interview with the Danish PD, he has now confirmed that staying with Haas was the best step of his career at the time and that he was not involved in the negotiations. Appeared. “When we spoke to them, it was clear they had a candidate for it Red Bull Seat (Casley), But they noted that there would be a job start-up at Toro Rosso, “Magnussen said.” It’s not like they’re submitting a contract or anything, but it’s clearly a way out. “

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“We chose to ignore that opportunity because I felt so good with Haas and I hoped we could continue the positive growth we have had through 2018.”

Unfortunately, 2019 turned out to be the beginning of Haas’ fall. Magnussen left the team at the end of 2020.

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