The Fortnite maker shooter is also complaining about Apple in Europe

The maker of the popular computer game Fortnite has now also taken his feud with Apple to Europe. Epic Games has filed an official complaint against the iPhone maker with the European Commission.

Since last year, Epic and Apple have been in a fight after Epic unilaterally decided to include its payment system in its iPhone app. Apple bans this in its terms of use and thus has removed the Epic Software from the App Store.

The Fortnite maker accuses Apple of misusing its position in power by requiring apps to use Apple’s payment system and handing over 30 percent of all proceeds. Previously, Epic Games had already filed complaints against Apple in the US, Great Britain, and Australia.


It’s not entirely clear why Epic portrays it to Apple and, to a lesser extent, Google, the makers of the two largest mobile operating systems. On gaming consoles, the company pays up to 30 percent of its revenue to the platform owner. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney stated last year that the situation is nothing compared to it.

At the same time, Epic isn’t the only company to have objected to Apple’s actions. For example, the music-streaming service Spotify has been working against the advantages of Apple Music’s music service according to the Swedes for some time. Facebook believes Apple is consciously trying to undermine the social media company’s profit model with privacy measures.

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The European Union is also looking to Apple due to Apple Pay and the fact that Apple is refusing to open the NFC chip in its mobile phone to other companies that want to offer payment services. According to Apple, this is about security.

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