The French want to set up a private hospital in Suriname

The French want to set up a private hospital in Suriname
President Chandrikapersad Santokhi and members of Guyane Santé /

A French private health company in Guyana is planning to set up a private hospital in Suriname. A delegation from French Guiana presented its plans to the President of Suriname Santoki. Company representatives have this option from direct foreign investment It was discussed with the Head of State in the Office of the President on Friday 19 March 2021.

Anne Matteo, the representative of French Guiana in Suriname, expressed her satisfaction with the President’s response. “He opened the door and immediately decided to meet with the Minister of Health,” she says.

Parliamentarian Ronnie Aluema, who was also present at the parade, said Guy Santé had set up three private hospitals in the neighboring country. “They are concerned according to European Union standards and they also want to set up such projects in Suriname,” said the people’s representative. He added that it is a great opportunity to merge with French Guiana. Also due to the fact that passenger traffic will increase with the ferry connection between Suriname and French Guiana.

Aloema believes that healthcare in Suriname should be changed to different standards and hence the project could mean a lot to the country. According to him, Minister of Public Health Ammar Ramadan will provide the relevant information about the health sector in Suriname to the French.

In addition to establishing a private hospital, the delegation informed the Head of State of its plans to train doctors and exchange health care. Matteo says that France and French Guiana have a lot of knowledge in this area and that with Suriname all three countries can benefit from these projects mutually.

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She would like to see better cooperation between the Guiana Shield nations and a profitable situation for her communities. Matteo referred to the cooperation agreements previously signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation Albert Ramden. She talks about a new dynamic.

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