The “giant monster” is revealed by the discovery of sea scorpion fossils

This example shows what a one meter long monster looks like a sea scorpion.

Queensland Museum / Alison Douglas

Sea scorpions are no more and you will be thankful that land scorpions do not have a good name. Researchers have unearthed a fossil that has been wandering around the Queensland Museum in Australia for years, and found that it belongs to a terrifying group of hunters who have long been extinct.

In a statement released Friday, Drs The museum described it as a sea scorpion “Large animal” that can grow up to 1 meter in length. He now lived in lakes or rivers around the Australian city of Theodore. This is the first marine scorpion fossil identified in Queensland.

We have encountered many sea scorpion fossils before, especially one Dog-sized breeds have been found near China† Sea scorpions are formally called erythropoiesis. The new one is now called Woodwardopterus freemanorum.

Woodwardopterus Freemanorum fossil and description of the fossil.

Queensland Museum

The fossil was first discovered in the 1990s and first examined by the museum in 2013. The Govt strike gave Andrew Rosefields, curator of the Queensland Museum of Earth Sciences, the opportunity to discover an as yet unidentified ‘cold’ creature. Again.

“When the fragmentary sample came into our collection, it was initially placed in a ‘very hard basket’,” Roosevelts said, “but the closures provided an opportunity to examine and re-evaluate a portion of our fossil collection, and this particular fossil has always fascinated me.” Rozefelds is co-author of the book A research paper on sea scorpions has been published in the journal Historical Biology

Rozefelds and leading author Markus Poschmann, a European expert, dated the fossil to 252 million years ago. It was at the time of the disappearance of sea scorpions that Woodwardopterus freemanorum became one of the last known species of its species. “This mysterious new fossil helps to bridge the gap in our understanding of this group of animals in Australia and around the world,” Roosevelts said.

Sea scorpions are relatives of modern scorpions and other spiders. The one in Theodore may have been one of the most important hunters of its time, but it is not something that modern people should worry about. Oops.

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