The giant research ship sails to Antarctica

More than two hours. How long does it take Great tour Roland Bryne, commercial director of shipbuilder Damon, was stopped at Vlissingen on the icebreaker RSV Nouina. For nearly seven years, the company worked with hundreds of people on behalf of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) on the construction of the 160-meter-long ship. Later this month, Nuyina – the name of the southern lights in the language of the indigenous people of Tasmania – will depart for Hobart’s own port. Over the next thirty years it will be used by Australia to provide scientific research in Antarctica and four Australian science centers in the region.

Spread over the eleven floors of the orange ship, we pass dry and wet labs Moonpool – A large square hole in the top of the ship allows sea and ice research – Observation deck, storage space for one hundred containers and hospital. 1.9 million liters of diesel and 200 tons of fresh water tanks, large canteen, deck with space for four helicopters, two cranes, waterfall vehicles can sleep on the ice, space for two small ships to go ashore and see a real theater. There are 126 sleeping areas for scientists and 32 for staff. It is important not to lose sight of the guide because you may get very lost in this huge floating research station.

The last frontiers of the earth

“This is one of the most complex ships we have ever built,” says Breen. “There are so many thick iron particles in some places in the bow,” he said, holding his hands a few decimeters apart. This would have allowed Nuina to travel effortlessly through the 1.65 m thick ice at a speed of 3 knots (5 km / h).

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The Australian customer reveals himself in superiors. The Nuina is the world’s largest and most modern research vessel. “It is a world-class scientific site for Antarctic researchers, with advanced equipment to study the depths of the southern ocean, sea ice and upper atmosphere.” A spokesman says that with this ship, “the last frontiers of the earth” can be explored AAD. For example, Australia has been doing a lot of research on the grill population and how to preserve these little shrimp in Antarctic waters – an important food source for penguins, whales and fish.

Nuina was designed by the Danish company Nut E. Hansen. The hinge was put in the yard of the Domen in the Romanian port of Galati and completed and tested in the Netherlands. The Australian government has set aside 1. 1.2 billion for the ship’s production and operation over the next thirty years. It plans to use even larger sums to build an airport near Casey, Australia’s southern Antarctic base. A controversial project because it is seen by environmental groups as a dangerous Australian flag display on a weak continent. The airport is planned to be the breeding ground for the Adele Penguins.

Marzipan photo

Captain Jerry O’Doherty flew from Australia to the Netherlands with 25 colleagues. Under his leadership, Nuyna will travel home. A great privilege, O’Doherty says. The former Australian icebreaker, led by the 61-year-old captain on Aurora Australia’s last voyage, is now six weeks, crossing 12,000 miles. “I’m a little nervous. It always takes at least two years for you to know how a ship works.

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After receiving Nuina’s large copper key at a coding ceremony from a colleague on a wet Monday afternoon, everyone eats pastry with a marzipan photo of their own ice breaker.

Dick van der Grof, director of the Netherlands Polar Project, enjoys it. “Dutch marine technology, knowledge and experience based on Australian polar expertise is a surprisingly final product,” says Van der Groff. “It is a great pleasure for scientists to be funded for two hundred sailing days a year for thirty years.He hopes Dutch polar researchers will be able to collaborate with Australian colleagues in the future.

Nuina will be named in Australia in October. Australians are still looking for a suitable woman for the job. The Dutch warranty on the icebreaker runs for two more years. .Take care of my babyAt the end of the exchange the director tells Brian Captain O. Doherty.

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