“The government does not want to force citizens to be vaccinated, but rather stimulate”

Surinamese Minister of Health Ammar Ramadan announced that the government does not want to oblige the citizens of Suriname to be vaccinated, but Stimulating. He has no impression that politics is as authoritarian or coercive as it was during this week’s protest shouted in Independence Square.

The minister stresses that he is in favor of a more Covid-friendly policy. It states that one’s health is his own responsibility. Minister Ramadan: “In no way should the government’s intention be Skavasi situation, while there is a lot of information about Covid-19.”

Suriname has already vaccinated nearly 50% of the target group. Vaccination coverage is steadily increasing and readiness for immunization has recently increased. The number of shots exceeded expectations announced during the Covid-19 press conference on Thursday 14 October.

“All the educational programs are attractive and friendly and everyone who was vaccinated did it on their own.” Minister Ramadan says media programs will be more attractive. According to the minister, studies have shown that vaccines provide good protection.

The idea of ​​government is precisely a driving idea. On the contrary, we want to motivate people to get vaccinated and not make them compulsory,” the minister said during the continuation of the plenary session of the National Assembly on Thursday 14 October 2021 on the situation in relation to Covid-19.

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